Will I Be Next?

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“Will I Be Next?” on “Alzheimer’s Speaks”

“Will I Be Next?” on “Alzheimer’s Speaks”
Producer Therese Barry-Tanner and Barb Goeckner (featured in the film) were the guests yesterday on Alzheimer’s Speaks, an online radio show. Hosted by Lori La Bey, the show is dedicated to shifting dementia care culture. Therese and Barb shared their personal stories of their connection to dementia, how the idea for the documentary went from idea to reality, the goals of the film, and how others can get involved in accelerating Alzheimer’s research.
Lori La Bey on ABC News:  The Voice of Dementia


  1. Carol Fenrich

    I saw this video at the Conference in the Dells and felt the opening scenes should be more positive than showing the patients that you did. There are many positives in caring for Alzheimer’s patients and that should be stressed as it will help care givers. I speak from experience as I took care of three family members including my husband and all are now deceased.

  2. Lori La Bey

    What a great conversation about this new documentary, “Will I Be Next?”
    Thanks for sharing your story and spending time with us on Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio.