All In: The Human Subjects

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Thank You

Thank You

We are grateful. . .

for the wonderful support we’ve received every step of the way from so many – our funders and contributors, partners who’ve provided feedback and a willingness to assist going forward, those who have “Joined the Quest” on our website and our Facebook and Twitter followers – it’s all of you who have made WIBN possible!    Therese

for the courage and stick-to-itiveness of the people in the film!  Melissa  

for being able to join this exceptional team to make something truly special.  – Shawndra

for the strength and determination in the sometimes painful moments we feel within ourselves to push through for the greater good.   Amy

for the support, encouragement, and financial contributions we have received and yet to come to complete the film. I feel this film will help caregivers cope with this disease.  – Eileen

for the Wisconsin Registry for Alzheimer’s Prevention–the dedicated scientists and committed human test subjects–who inspire the film team to bring the stories and advances in research to a broad audience. I’m also grateful for the chance to honor my Mother, turning the sadness of her experience into a purposeful volunteer effort.  – Jo

to be of service to this worthwhile project by bringing into play a hodge-podge skill set I’ve acquired over the years, and also the ability to learn a completely new industry!  I am also thankful for the wonderful team I get to work with.  – Jean

THANK YOU to the Will I be Next? community!

[Photo: Fall in Green Bay by Therese Barry-Tanner]